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Intellectual Property Rights; Linking
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Extent and limitation of responsibility for content
9. BNP Paribas has used its reasonable efforts to ensure that the information contained on the Site is compiled from sources that BNP Paribas believes to be reliable and accurate. However, BNP Paribas does not represent or warrant the accuracy or timeliness of such information which may be incomplete or condensed. Further, BNP Paribas undertakes no obligation and assumes no liability or responsibility (whether express or implied) to any person concerning the information or materials contained on the Site except as required by mandatory provision of law which may not be excluded and hereby excludes all liability for loss or damage (including direct, indirect, foreseeable, special or consequential loss or damage and including loss of profit) even if advised of the possibility of such damages incurred or sustained by any person in connection with the information or its use including (without limitation) for the consequences of reliance upon any opinion or statement contained therein or any error or omission whether negligent or not, except to the extent such liability may not be excluded or limited by law or by the rules of the FSA. Information on the Site is of a general nature and cannot take into account your individual financial circumstances or investment objectives. Accordingly, nothing on the Site may be constructed as a personal recommendation or investment advice.

10. All estimates and opinions included in any documents or other materials contained on the Site constitute BNP Paribas' judgement as at the date they were published and may be subject to change or removal without notice. We may suspend access to the Site or any part thereof at any time without notice or liability.

11. The information contained on the Site is for your general information only and is not intended to provide the sole basis for any evaluation of any securities, investments or financial derivative products ("Securities") discussed therein. Independent advice should be obtained before making a decision on the suitability of any Security for your own investment strategy and objectives. In assessing the merits and suitability of any Security you should give consideration to the legal, tax, accounting, regulatory, financial and other related aspects thereof. In particular you should give consideration to the fact that derivative products can constitute high-risk investments, and should carefully review any risk warning included in, attached or linked to pages contained within the Site.

12. BNP Paribas' proprietary models which may have been used to produce information available within the Site or contained within any application or tool accessed through the Site are believed to be based on recognised financial principles and current market parameters; however BNP Paribas does not represent or warrant the accuracy of such principles or parameters or any result generated by such a tool or application.

13. The past is not necessarily a guide to the future performance of an investment. The value of investments may fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the amount invested. Currency rate fluctuations may cause the value of investments to go up or down.

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System Failure; Data Security
15. Due to the public nature of the Internet, communications over the Internet may be subject to failure of performance, system, server or connection failure, error, omission, interruption, breach of security, computer virus, malicious code, corruption, delay in operation or transmission, transmission error or unavailability of access when accessing the Site and/or using any online services. Under no circumstances shall BNP Paribas be liable for malfunctions in communications facilities which are not under its control even if BNP Paribas has been advised to the possibility.

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BNP Paribas’ Interests
17. At any time, BNP Paribas may be long or short of or may have a financial interest in transactions involving any Securities described on the Site.

18. BNP Paribas may have acted as advisor and/or underwriter to any companies discussed on the Site.

19. BNP Paribas is authorised and supervised by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel and authorised and subject to limited regulation in the UK by the Financial Services Authority.

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21. BNP Paribas does not deal with persons who are retail clients for the purposes of the rules of the FSA. The materials contained on the Site may not be suitable for such customers, or private investors or those who would be retail clients were they to act on any information contained within the Site, and should not be accessed by or passed on to any such person.

22. Nothing contained on the Site is intended as, or constitutes, an offer to buy or sell or any solicitation of any offer to buy or sell any Security or to enter into any transaction.

23. We may review these Conditions of Use from time to time by updating this page. You should review these Conditions of Use from time to time, as you will be deemed to have accepted any amendments if you access the Site after they have been posted.

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