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  • Make the right choices at the right times

    Research & Strategy

    • Defined strategies and recommendations, from breaking news to trade ideas to in-depth analysis
    • Comprehensive views on the actual events shaping the commodities, credit, FX, rates and equity markets
    • Thought-provoking fundamental reports on regional economies
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    • Filter your search results by regions, countries or publication date

    Market Data & Analytics

    • Market calendar
    • Visualisation tools: Time series, yield curve and surface viewers
    • Flow analytics: Issuer Explorer
    • Index analytics: Index Spy
    • FX heat maps and technical charting

    Proprietary Indices

    Complete range of proprietary indices and strategy derivatives across equities, fixed income and commodities as well as alternative and multi-asset indices, allows you to:

    • outperform benchmark indices using systematic quantitative model
    • optimize the risk/return profile of existing indices via discretionary and/or systematic models.

  • Access first-class products and services in credit, equities, foreign exchange and interest rates


    CORTEX FX is BNP Paribas' advanced multi-product FX trading platform. Employing cutting edge trading technology, CORTEX FX is your one stop point of entry to a range of electronic FX products and services.


    CORTEX iX is the cutting edge FX spot algorithm execution service from BNP Paribas. CORTEX iX has been designed to provide clients with access to bespoke algorithmic execution strategies whose goals are to capture price improvement, minimise market impact and achieve optimal execution while reducing overall transaction costs.


    OTC eTrader is BNP Paribas' online derivatives trading platform, provides click and trade execution for an inventory of vanilla and derivative products across Interest Rates and FX.

    CORTEX Secondary is BNP Paribas' secondary market trading platform, providing efficient execution and transparent pricing across an extensive range of fixed income, cross asset cash and derivative financial products.

    SMART Derivatives is BNP Paribas' comprehensive online equity derivatives trading application. Combining connectivity to the banks investment strategies, primary/secondary trading products and post-trade services, Smart Derivatives is the fully integrated platform for equity derivative investors.

  • Promptly follow-up on your investments in all asset classes with our range of automated post-trade services and efficient portfolio management

    MyBook: global multi-asset portal to value your investment products and portfolio

    History of all product valuations and trades
    Daily online valuation system
    Export-to-excel tool

    Fully integrated with web-based tools at